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VERTHÉMIS International

Bureau: La Genaiserie 49190 St Aubin de Luigné - FRANCE

Tel: +33 2 41 54 38 82

Email: vertumne@vertumne.com


A little bit of history….

1976 – The International Institute of Wine and Spirits (IIVS) is created by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1991 - Frédéric JULIA becomes general Manager of VINEXPO, the leading wine and spirits exhibition in the world, as well as General Manager of IIVS.

1993 – VINEXPO takes over IIVS and create VINEXPO Institute, VINEXPO Wine School, VINEXPO Consulting. Frédéric JULIA is nominated General Manager of the Group.


1997 – Acquisition and merging of all the activities by Frédéric JULIA and creation of  VERTUMNE International & Associés, located in Bordeaux. Consulting and Training for the wine and spirits professional are the core business of the new Company.


2003 – Frédéric JULIA acquires Château de la Genaiserie, a prestigious organic wine producing estate located in the Loire Valley. The same year, VERTUMNE International launches the Vertumne Wine Collection, regrouping more than 30 renown French wine producers, including Château de la Genaiserie.

2015– VERTUMNE International & Associés becomes VERTHÉMIS International and the activities are regrouped under three main branches:

VERTUMNE International for Wine Consulting

VERTUMNE Wine and Spirits Center for Training

VERTUMNE Wine & Sprits Collection for sales of more than 30 prestigious Domaines and Châteaux, including Châteaux de la Genaiserie

VERTHÉMIS International has offices in Bordeaux, Angers, London and Shanghai.

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